Why Settle for Mediocre Collection Software?

Why Settle for Mediocre Collection Software? You don’t have to with Receivables Management Expert from Quantrax Why do so many ARM companies put up with mediocre collection software platforms that require a large IT department to manage, patch and customize?  Why are so many collection agencies and law firms using database systems that hail from […]

An interview with the man that invented credit scoring, the second placement and automation, Ruvin Schwartz by Phillip W. Duff

Here is an interview with an icon in the industry. He assisted in inventing things like credit scoring, Co Lo’s, focusing on the second placement and was the first to automate many processes when computers arrived in the industry. Ruvin Schwartz was gracious to let me enter his home in FL and learn how he helped […]

Is it the right time for collection operations to rethink their business model?

It was after a collection conference workshop on employee compensation that we were motivated to ask ourselves some interesting questions about the way collection companies are managed and operated today. As we pull ourselves out from a long, difficult period, the subject is probably more relevant. We believe that it would fair to describe the […]

Why QUANTRAX has the best compliance software in the collection industry!

Security and compliance – These are arguably the two most important challenges facing the US debt collection industry. With a suite of technology creations that include artificial intelligence-based collection software and a truly integrated dialer, Quantrax has strategically set its sights on software that offers systemic solutions to all of today’s compliance challenges. Are we […]

A Checklist for Evaluating Collection Software

While the design and objectives of every system are different, Quantrax Corporation believes that certain functionality in collection systems will make an operation more effective and productive. Collection systems do not place sufficient importance on the efficiency of clerical operations and collector productivity, and the result has been the inability to lower the costs of […]