After a prolonged obsession with the optimization of automated collection processes, Quantrax, in 2005, set out to develop and evaluate its own scoring technology. Since RMEx is probably the finest workflow engine for account management, a reliable score would greatly enhance a company’s ability to optimally manage its resources and its bottom line. New scoring systems announced by the major credit reporting agencies Equifax, Experian and Trans Union are likely to face challenges in the way that those scores are interpreted. How these scores affect collection accounts and later-stage collections will also be interesting and may take time to be understood. For the collection industry, we believe that the timing is perfect for new analytical tools that do not rely on traditional FICO-type scores.  I-Score is a product that has reinvented the rules of scoring for collection accounts. The compelling design does not utilize a credit score. Visionary thinking has created an entirely new concept and results that do not seem possible without access to a debtor’s credit history. Quantrax’s scoring platform is very innovative and therefore we require you to contact us directly to find out more.