Automated Debt Collections Software

Debt Collections

RMEx was created for the debt collection industry and has always focused on the average collection agency....

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Healthcare Collection System

Healthcare Collections

Healthcare collections is one of the largest segments of the industry and a large segment of Quantrax’s’...

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Government Debt Collections Software

Government Collections

Government collections has long been considered as one of the most sought after verticals by collection agency owners. But...

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Student Loan Collection Software

Student Loan Collections

The regulations around student loan collections have always made entry into this vertical difficult for collection agencies. There...

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Legal Debt Collection Software

Legal Collections

Legal collections has been the fastest growing segment of debt collection over the last five years, driven by...

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Automobile Debt Collection Software

Automobile Collections

The collection of automobile debt is a complicated undertaking. Due to many and varied charges from repossession fees,...

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Retail Debt Collection Software

Retail Collections

While the concepts of Artificial Intelligence have been understood for several years, its application to solve...

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