Dialer Integration Explained

While the value of an automated dialer can not be disputed, it is the manner in which it is integrated with your collection system the determines its effectiveness. With I-Tel, there is a “real-time” link between the dialer (PC-based) and the “host application”, which in this case is RMEx. With RMEx’s Intelligent Scripting module, dialer scripting is taken to new levels. We give you the ability to display simple client or campaign-driven scripts allowing inexperienced agents to talk to debtors. In addition, you also have the ability to have the system intelligently analyze each account and create a customized script at the time that the account is presented to the agent. Our dialer’s ability to meet the strict guidelines for abandoned calls has an unusual benefit in the collection industry. Collection companies have rapidly moved into the area of early-out receivables management. It is usually stated and expected that all activity in an early-out environment is classified as “soft collections”. Irresponsible dialing is a clear contradiction of those goals and must be a key consideration in a company’s choice of technology.

RMExwas designed with the sophisticated dialer in mind. Throughout the system you will find references to the dialer and the management of accounts based on the existence or lack of telephone numbers. Some of the key objectives of this dialing platform were as follows:

  • To seamlessly integrate with RMEx, allowing collectors to fully utilize the potential of the dialer from their workstations, without the need for downloading information to a personal computer or uploading the results of call activity to the collection system (e.g. the busy’s and no answers).

  • With a host-based integrated system, we wanted to take full advantage of the inbound capabilities of a dialer. With RMEx, the inbound call is instantly researched and if it can be matched to an account based on the calling number, it is transferred to the agent who can display the account prior to beginning a conversation with the debtor.

  • Finally (and most importantly), we set out to create an integrated dialer that would virtually eliminate the need for valuable resources to be allocated to managing collector queues, scheduling dialer activity and meeting collection strategies and goals.

Quantrax believes that it is very unlikely that the collection industry will be immune to the increasing demand for sensible dialing rules for all users of automated dialing systems. The FCC, FTC and Congress have been extremely proactive in protecting the consumer from the effects of poorly managed predictive dialers. Their goal is to minimize nuisance calls by addressing the “dead-air” and abandoned calls created by predictive dialers. These were some of the reasons for Quantrax’s strategic partnership with Sytel and its decision to select the only dialer with a proven track record in providing effective performance under strict compliance rules.

This is specially applicable to the area of abandoned call rates. Since 1999, Softdial users have been getting the ultimate predictive performance at an abandoned call rate that is within 3%, as laid down in the US Direct Marketing Association guidelines. Even if the collection industry was required to meet a rate of 3% as is now required in the telemarketing industry, it will have little or no impact on the performance of our advanced dialing platform. This is the only technology that is capable of complying with stricter dialer controls without compromising on performance. Many people are unaware that the abandoned call rate is the ratio of abandoned calls to completed calls (as opposed to attempted calls). Take the example of a predictive campaign with 5000 numbers that can be called. Let us assume for this campaign that 30% of the calls are completed (connected to an agent or live calls). Of the 5000 calls placed, this means that 1500 will be completed. In this example, if the dialer is to stay within a 3% abandoned rate, it must not abandon more than 45 calls for the entire campaign! That is extremely difficult to accomplish and is the reason that most products can not meet today’s requirements. Provided they are willing to accept their predicament, many dialer vendors will be compelled to redesign and rewrite their products.