RMEx Functionality

Quantrax is uncompromising in its pursuit of knowledge with reference to the technology that it has chosen to create and support. Unfortunately, with regard to dialers, the potential user is often presented with almost as much misinformation as there are facts – This is not unexpected since dialer vendors are required to advertise products that are complex, often too technical to understand and always very difficult to describe. There may even be an “air of secrecy” that has created the perception that the technology is exclusive and costly.

The best dialer technology will be leading-edge, often spectacular and always challenging. It would be fair to say that the dialer industry has earned its place within an exclusive group of premium technology providers. In competitive environments, dialer vendors are often compelled to make inaccurate claims as a result of not having done enough to enhance their core products. It is for this reason that the information contained within this web-site was primarily intended to be educational. As with Quantrax’s knowledge-based collection system (The new version is RMEx – the prior system was INTELEC), you can expect futuristic vision and technical innovation should you decide to consider Quantrax’s dialer platform for your business. In combination with RMEx, it is a partnership that may not have a formidable competitor for many years!