Call Recording

There are many reasons why a collection operation should record some or all of the telephone activity that takes place within the organization. One reason is that your clients may require you to do this. Another reason is that the recorded conversation can backup the documentation on an account in the event of legal action against the company based on a collector being accused of violating specific state laws. The information can also be used as a training tool, and most companies reserve the right to monitor calls to ensure quality and train their personnel.

Call recording can also have features that allow you to attach data to a recording. This will allow you to search for recordings in different ways (other than by extension number). There are several uses for this concept and it offers advanced analysis of your data and production information. As an example, you could potentially find and listen to all the calls for a specific client or campaign.

I-Tel’s recording feature is optional and allows you to record some or all of the conversations that take place. We can allow each agent to selectively turn the recording feature on or off, if required (based on system security levels). When calls are recorded, some states require that the debtor be notified that the call is being recorded – This feature is a standard part of RMEx