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Joey NicholsOwner, CBC, Blountville TN
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Forward thinking = Quantrax!!!!

How to run a successful collection agency is a curious balance in today’s environment. Don’t grow too large too fast, and know what platform to invest in. Having many locations used to be the inspiration and sales pitch but with the correct technology-that thought process is obsolete.

With Quantrax an agency can accomplish so much more with less. Less staff, less headaches, less cost, less locations- I can go on and on. My partner was fortunate to stumble on Ranjan and the Quantrax team about a decade ago. I could not be happier with the performance of RMEx and what we have accomplished on the platform. If anyone wants to join the true AI revolution and learn about Chatbots and the next level- reach out and I’ll be happy to discuss the why’s and how’s of the best collection software available.

I’ll leave you with a perspective of where collection software is – Quantrax is usually working on what will happen in the industry in the next 5-10 years. Other software that is being bought and implemented is based on technology and platforms that are 10-15 years behind. Many people have no idea that their platform could be obsolete and that they are working on 15-year old technology.”

Isaac AsherInformation Systems Manager | Eagle Recovery Associates, Inc.
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“RMEx is clearly the most powerful platform available for our industry, overcoming both logistic and regulatory challenges with ease. While other platforms may be very powerful, they still require developers and programming on the customer’s end before the system will align with your precise needs. With RMEx, the fine tuning is done on the customer side and Quantrax handles the programming.

When I’m working on the system and writing smart codes, it feels like I’m programming without having to learn a new programming language. As a developer, the smart code options remind me of various methods and functions I might use as though I was coding, but instead only needs minimal keystrokes and zero programming. I don’t even have to type fast to quickly accomplish a lot in RMEx!

As a company, Quantrax shines above their competitors by the skill, knowledge, and agility of the support and development teams. They respond quickly to customer needs with inventive and elegant solutions, making their customers feel confident to move forward in the rapidly changing landscape of collections. Quantrax as a company is forward-thinking and proactive, and the best investment an agency could make.”

Brenda FisherClinton Harkins, P.C. | Marietta Ga. 30068
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“I have been working with Quantrax for 15 years and have sent more projects than you can imagine. There has never been a project that has been too difficult for you to complete for our Law Firm. If you ever do come across a project that can’t be completed the way we have requested, you always come back with some kind of solution that will work and accomplish the goal we were set out to do.  I have worked with many of the programmers, I feel that they are all very goal orientated and will work with you until you’re happy with the results. Communication is the key and they have no problem giving me a call if they have questions, which I believe is the best way to get the job done right the first time.Quantrax has come up with several neat tools to help our Law Firm increase our productivity and they keep us up to date with the latest technology.”

Tracy Donelson - General ManagerTulsa Adjustment Bureau
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“RMEX is and will remain the best collection software on the market.  With the dialer integration there isn’t a product that comes close.“

Balaji Rajan - President and Chief Executive OfficerFMS Investment Corp. | Rolling Meadows, IL
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“In an organization with over 450 employees, the best feature of the system is its flexibility!  The intelligence inherent in the architecture of the Smart Codes is unparalleled in the industry I personally wish that more companies would have used this software when I was a collector or a manager in the years before bringing this system into FMS.”

Steve TownendGatestone (Formerly Collectcorp)
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“As Vice President, I.T. at Collectcorp, I was a key member of the team responsible for implementing RMEx (then known as Intelec).

Following implementation, we found that agents could work 25% more accounts than previously.  And more importantly, were more effective at collecting on those accounts.  This was before we installed I-Tel, the integrated dialer.

RMEx provided huge benefits in terms of agent productivity.  Agents are presented with accounts that the collection manager wants them to work, based on a pre-defined set of rules.  Agents can quickly work accounts using smart codes to annotate accounts with common events and set in motion the next course of action.

Of still greater benefit was the fact that agents were working the correct accounts.  In conjunction with scoring, RMEx has the ability to determine which accounts should be worked, and critically, which accounts not to work.  There is absolutely no point in having an agent call a $50 account fifteen times. RMEx enables collection managers to decide how much work should be performed on an account, and when to stop work.  This ensures that agents are always working the accounts most likely to pay, and gives them more time to work on those accounts.

These benefits were instrumental in enabling Collectcorp  to grow from less than 100 agents to over 600 within a five year period.”

Cara Robinson - VP of Information TechnologyCapital Management Services | Buffalo, NY | Greenville, SC
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“Capital Management Services, LP, has been a Quantrax client for 9 years and we view Quantrax as a strategic vender that enables our organization to stay on the leading edge in collection software and dialer technology. Our teams have worked closely together  to support over 20 unique clients with diverse needs and business requirements.

In the collection industry, speed and accuracy counts when it comes to new client, state, federal and business or compliance requirements. The Quantrax team has always delivered a product that not only takes into account the current needs but anticipated future needs as well.

With over 1,000 users at times with various skill levels, it’s important to have a system that’s flexible and easy to navigate. The RMEx platform has given us the confidence we need to satisfy our customers concerns when it comes to compliance, all of the work they’ve put into it helps us PREVENT compliance defects which is something our clients are happy to see as opposed to many systems which can only detect a defect after it has occurred.

In addition to agent productivity that is enhanced by the machine thinking we have set up, we also enjoy efficiencies in the clerical and administrative areas. Compared to other companies of our size, I believe our admin to collector ratios are very low because of the levels of automation offered by the system.

Quantrax has built a product and a team that is unparalleled in this industry, If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me.”
Cara J. Robinson
Capital Management Services

Jonathan FaxCapital Management Services | Buffalo, NY | Greenville, SC
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Capital Management Services was in dire need to improve the quality of our customer experience in every aspect possible. In May 2012 we decided to add a call quality incentive for our employees to produce better quality for our customers.

The call quality incentive included the scoring of three recorded calls for each employee and assign a grade to each call. Quantrax and its team score the call with a high degree of accuracy, professionalism, and compliance. The team reviewed an average of 950 recorded calls per month and was prompt on the internal target due date.

The Quantrax team assisted Capital Management Services to improve customer treatment and I am proud to say that our customer experience is at an all-time high.
The skills and dedication of Quantrax and their team have been exceptional and it has been a pleasure working with them.”

Bill Seay - Director ITRevenue Recovery Corporation
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“I just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know that we are pretty much through the dialer hardware upgrade that we had scheduled. Given the scope of the upgrade, I think things went very smoothly and I am very pleased with the outcome. Steve and his team worked diligently helping us through the transition, and I want to congratulate them all on a job well done. They were all very responsive and helpful as we got things up and running. But, I want to specifically make mention of Buddhika, as he has been especially attentive and dedicated to the upgrade. His attention to detail and responsiveness has made the process much easier and less painful. I am very happy with the work he has done and want to extend my sincere compliments to him and the rest of the team.“

Marc Kempen - OwnerData Central Collection Bureau | Fresno, CA
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“Here is what one of our collectors is saying about your new graphical user interface. I think this works much faster then what I am used to… It’s great! Switching through screens and pop-ups are almost instant.“

Paul R. Selan JrGeneral Recovery Services | Scott Depot, WV
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“Since June 17, 1997 to last week when I retired, team Quantrax with Ranjan has always been there.  Thank you and all of you for being who you are!  We sincerely appreciate you and will always keep you and our relationship in our highest regards.”

Doug Plummer - CEOKey 2 Recovery, Inc. 201 N Brookwood Ave. Hamilton, OH 45013
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“I know you are very busy running a company that has always been, and finally being recognized for being the best in the business. We feel a lot the same way about Key2.

I think the lack of modification we have made to the base system (I believe we have paid for one or two custom hours in 11 years) is both equal parts the intuitive and robust nature of the system technology and our operational capabilities. We have often felt that if you couldn’t make the system do what you needed it to do, you were either not clear of the system’s capabilities or you were doing something wrong. We have also tried to be a good client and not squawk about needing to customize the system in a certain way. That being said, if we could not come up with a solution to a particular issue ourselves, we appreciate Quantrax’s willingness to explore potential solutions with us.”


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