Dialer Functionality

I-Tel’s great strengths are derived from the sophisticated integration of RMEx with the finest technology in the dialer industry. Whatever your dialer vendor may say, it is your collection software that manages and drives the efficiency of your dialer. The results obtained from your dialer are related to the accounts that it has to work with, more than the abilities of your dialer. Of course, when you have found a way to work the right accounts at the right time, the quality of the dialer will be a factor. Briefly, the benefits of our integrated solution are as follows. More details will also be provided here and in other areas.

The integrated dialer is a part of RMEx and always accesses current (up-to-the-minute) information. Actions and results are always in real-time. E.g. A person who called in and disputed an account will not be called 3 minutes later, on an outbound campaign.
No additional programming is required for the dialer’s full integration with RMEx. Full integration of a dialer platform with your collection system is usually a challenging, time-consuming and expensive option. With us, you have faster startup, less risk and lower one-time and recurring technical costs.
Outbound dialing, inbound call management, call recording, screen recording, call monitoring, IVR and reporting are offered in a single integrated product, on one hardware platform. The product is more robust and reliable, with a single point of contact for support. Unnecessary misunderstandings, finger-pointing and support nightmares are potentially eliminated.
We offer intelligent call monitoring. Pick a group of agents and select clients, paying accounts or balance ranges. We will take you there! Smarter management and auditing of your people. Does your dialer allow you to do that?
Dialer campaigns can be created automatically or on-demand. Set up complex selections to run daily or on specific days of the week. One of the keys to dialer management is flexibility in managing your inventory. In this area, no other dialer and collection systemprovides the flexibility and levels of automation offered by I-Tel and RMEx.
The dialer effectively uses the great power of PC-based technology, combined with the stability and security of IBM’s iSeries hardware platform on which RMEx and I-Tel are based. It does not significantly add to the processing requirements on your collection system or collection hardware platform. The result is savings in hardware expansion costs for your iSeries.
To dial effectively, work with different, related applicationsand obtain integrated services such as dialer and productivity analysis, you work in a single workspace within the standard RMEx platform. Clever reporting such as promised payment reporting, by type of payment (e.g. promises, credit cards, direct checks etc.) at the campaign level, is easily obtained. There is no duplication of input effort or data.
The predictive dialing engine is vastly different and superior to any other product by virtue of a design that does not rely on traditional mathematical modeling. I-Tel will make more contacts and abandon less calls, compared to any other dialer in the industry. In the collection industry, abandoned calls will always make it more difficult to establish future contact with a determined debtor.
Unlike other dialers, you can not adjust the pacing by changing parameters such as trunks per agent. You simply set the required abandoned rate (ratio of abandoned calls tocompleted calls) and go away! Make sure that your present dialer does not compute the abandoned rate based on the number of calls dialed. In a properly designed dialer, the dialing rate should never be a function of the number of trunks available. With I-Tel, there is no supervisory overhead – The system keeps dialing as fast as is possible while staying well within the acceptable limits for abandoned calls.
Abandoned calls are controlled without any manual adjustments to the dialer. There is less supervision and cost involved in “managing” the dialer. You make more calls and completely work though a calling list faster that you would in an environment with many abandoned calls. In an agentless messaging environment, since you abandon less calls you will be able to dial faster and play more messages.
Agentless campaigns (messaging campaigns) are dialed predictively, unlike some systems that make one call per available channel. You require less licenses and will make more calls.
What if wait times are too long because, as an example, there are too many “no answers” and we are also focused on controlling abandoned calls? We can increase the calling rate and reduce wait times by introducing virtual agents into a predictive campaign. This allows us to dial faster, playing messages when an agent is not available.
Our dialer will never ‘cancel’ a predictive call (stop a call in progress without allowing the phone to ring for at least 15 seconds). Most dialers will do this because they are often dialing too fast and there are no agents available. Canceled calls and completed calls that are dropped waste valuable opportunities because you are often not permitted to “contact” a debtor more than once per day regarding the same account! Because I-Tel can dial effectively at an abandoned rate of 3% or less, you will make more contacts per day compared to any other dialer.
The integrated dialer allows superior inbound and blended capabilities. Consider an agent who has been set up to handle both outbound and inbound calls. The agent Bob is already on a call and a debtor Mary calls in owing $2,500 and tries to speak to Bob. Based on the balance displayed when the call is offered to Bob, he could place the outbound call on hold and talk to Jane or promise to call her back.
True blending routes inbound calls to a collector while they are waiting for an outbound predictive call. Single line phones can be used to eliminate the need for collectors to “wait” or “fight for” for the important inbound calls.
Whether an account is on your outbound calling lists or not, an inbound call could be quickly matched to an existing account because of tight integration with the collection system and its data. Inbound calls are directed to specific groups of people who will be notified of the type of account (E.g. Bethesda Hospital E/R account) and the amount the debtor is calling about! All this would happen before the collector has picked up the call!
Predictive campaigns that combine outbound IVR messaging and live agents, can be set up in high volume environments or when a large number of agents are not available. You can achieve high contact rates for live agents with low wait times.
Powerful graphical tool for setting up IVR scripts and database interaction. Efficient work flows and scripts can be set up with no programming effort.
Quantrax understands collections and intelligent collection software better than any other company. Almost every other dialer vendor’s background and primary focus has been telemarketing. A Quantrax collection system and dialer can always offer better features, a better future and better integration than any other combination of products.
Software maintenance charges will give you meaningful enhancements, compared to other companies whose technology is mature and can only provide operational support without real benefits to your collection processes. More features, better functionality and greater value for money. Long-term cost of ownership is lower.
Some advanced options that may be almost impossible to consider on other platforms, are relatively easy to develop within the Quantrax dialer environment. We are offering an option where calls can be recorded, synchronized and played back with actual pictures of the screens and the collector’s keystrokes! This may be cost-prohibitive with other systems.
Quantrax supports the collection and dialer platform and is responsible for all development, deployment and software maintenance. The system is more reliable and robust. It costs less to maintain and any changes would be faster and less expensive to implement.

With the high value that has to be placed on productivity and the recent and potential changes in regulations pertaining to the use of predictive dialers, your choice of a dialer may be as important as your choice of collection software.Quantrax’s dialer platform is fully integrated with RMEx. Within a single system, I-Tel is an architecture that provides support for:

  • outbound dialing

  • inbound call management

  • call recording

  • message playback

  • call monitoring

  • management reporting and

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

RMExwas designed with the sophisticated dialer in mind. Throughout the system you will find references to the dialer and the management of accounts based on the existence or lack of telephone numbers. Some of the key objectives of this dialing platform were as follows:

  • To seamlessly integrate with RMEx, allowing collectors to fully utilize the potential of the dialer from their workstations, without the need for downloading information to a personal computer or uploading the results of call activity to the collection system (e.g. the busy’s and no answers).

  • With a host-based integrated system, we wanted to take full advantage of the inbound capabilities of a dialer. With RMEx, the inbound call is instantly researched and if it can be matched to an account based on the calling number, it is transferred to the agent who can display the account prior to beginning a conversation with the debtor.

  • Finally (and most importantly), we set out to create an integrated dialer that would virtually eliminate the need for valuable resources to be allocated to managing collector queues, scheduling dialer activity and meeting collection strategies and goals.