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Quantrax is proud to have pioneered the development of intelligent debt collection software for the accounts receivable management industry.  RMEx was designed to help overcome the limitations of existing data-base systems, increase the levels of automation and meet the needs of an ever changing collection industry. RMEx is a completely different collection system than our competitors sell as it is designed to help control account flow, comply with regulations, and control costs on an account by account level.

Traditional  software models make a basic assumption that you will need more people and resources as you take on more business. Think about the number of people you have added in the last few years. Today, the traditional model is so dominant and established that the primary method for evaluating a collection company’s success is the number of people they employ. This may have been applicable when we used cards or automated the card system, but is it viable in the information age and in a period when fees have been reduced so significantly?

The RMEx collection system was designed to increase revenues per collector and lower operating costs by requiring less support personnel per collector.  Does it work?  Our new clients have consistently obtained gains in productivity that approach 40 and 50 percent compared to any other automated collection software application!


Your complete prescription for compliance

RMEx provides controls to make sure your collection process is absolutely compliant every time. This process is guaranteed and documented. RMEx is intelligent collection software that allows you to create business rules that cannot be overwritten by a collector or human error. This creates documented guaranteed compliance every time.

Collection software for the 21st century – watch the video

Wondering who has the best collection technology? Are you evaluating systems, but comparing apples and oranges? RMEx will outperform the best systems – Watch this video to learn why RMEx’s machine-thinking, advanced automation and compliance features run circles around our competition. It’s time for you to hear about Quantrax!


Let RMEx help you do more with less

Your clients keep asking you to do more. By using RMEx to create business rules to control costs, you can control how much money you spend on each and every account. And by allowing the the RMEx collection system to do more, you’ll be able to do more with less money, effort and time while increasing liquidation.


The RMEx collection system creates compliance with its account flow controls. By using RMEx to force account flow you are creating documented and guaranteed compliance. This is technical compliance as well as operational compliance. By controlling when a letter can be sent by a collector you can create compliance by using the artificial intelligence included within RMEx.
The ability to create cost controls within RMEx allows you to spend more money on the more collectible accounts and less money on the least collectible accounts. This is an absolute cost control as a collector cannot override the controls want set in place. Only management can change the account flow once established.
The process controls included in RMEx allow you to create a dedicated process for not only account flow but also for other areas such as payment processing , reporting, client requests and vendor control. These controls are absolute and cannot be changed by anyone except management.

Why Choose Us

  • The RMEx collection software uses artificial intelligence to offer compliance management to government, state and federal regulations.
  • We offer solutions that have consistently delivered significant productivity gains at the lowest operating cost.
  • The power of the hardware platform-IBM is a system designed for big business
  • We can rapidly deploy solutions in any collection environment.


“In an organization with over 450 employees, the best feature of the system is its flexibility!  The intelligence inherent in the architecture of the Smart Codes is unparalleled in the industry I personally wish that more companies would have used this software when I was a collector or a manager in the years before bringing this system into FMS.”
Balaji Rajan - President and Chief Executive Officer, FMS Investment Corp. | Rolling Meadows, IL
“I have been working with Quantrax for 15 years and have sent more projects than you can imagine. There has never been a project that has been too difficult for you to complete for our Law Firm. If you ever do come across a project that can’t be completed the way we have requested, you always come back with some kind of solution that will work and accomplish the goal we were set out to do.  I have worked with many of the programmers, I feel that they are all very goal orientated and will work with you until you’re happy with the results. Communication is the key and they have no problem giving me a call if they have questions, which I believe is the best way to get the job done right the first time.Quantrax has come up with several neat tools to help our Law Firm increase our productivity and they keep us up to date with the latest technology.”
Brenda Fisher, Clinton Harkins, P.C. | Marietta Ga. 30068
“RMEX is and will remain the best collection software on the market.  With the dialer integration there isn’t a product that comes close.”
Tracy Donelson - General Manager, Tulsa Adjustment Bureau
“Flawless roll out of IVR this morning – your team did a very nice job and they were very easy to work with.”
Cara Robinson - VP of Information Technology, Capital Management Services | Buffalo, NY | Greenville, SC
“Capital management services was in dire need to improve the quality of our customer experience in every aspect possible. In May 2012 we decided to add a call quality incentive for our employees to produce better quality for our customers.  The call quality incentive included the scoring of three recorded calls for each employee and assign a grade to each call.  Quantrax and its team score the call with a high degree of accuracy, professionalism, and compliance. The team reviewed an average of 950 recorded calls per month and was prompt on the internal target due date.  The Quantrax team assisted capital management services to improve customer treatment and I am proud to say that our customer experience is at an all-time high.  The skills and dedication of one tracks and their team have been exceptional and it has been a pleasure working with them.”
Jonathan Fax, Capital Management Services | Buffalo, NY | Greenville, SC

Some of Our Happy Clients