Legal Collections

Legal collections has been the fastest growing segment of debt collection over the last five years, driven by the bad economy many issuers and debt buyers have rushed to judgment over the last few years. The trend towards legal collections is likely to continue as issuers look for more compliant options. RMEx is an excellent choice for legal collections due to its ability to be customized by the user. This allows its law firm to create a legal process that can be automated on a state-by-state or jurisdiction by jurisdiction basis.

Why are so many legal collections software companies announcing new partnerships and collection platforms?

Can you afford to wait for your vendor to design and build the next generation of collection technology? Have you wondered why they waited so long? Take a few minutes to listen to why we think legal collection software is broken. At the last NARCA conference, many companies talked about how their “IT departments” were growing and doing more and more important work in the new compliance era. Why do you need your own IT department when you have a software vendor?

It’s time for you to consider your options. Watching this video may be the beginning!