Why Settle for Mediocre Collection Software?

You don’t have to with Receivables Management Expert from Quantrax

Why do so many ARM companies put up with mediocre collection software platforms that require a large IT department to manage, patch and customize?  Why are so many collection agencies and law firms using database systems that hail from the late 80’s?  Why do ARM companies using collection software today fear the next “Major Release” or worse yet, their current provider that abandons a legacy platform in favor moving to a new operating system or database application?

The two main reasons for this are fear and complacency.  Fear of the effort required in migrating data from the old system to the new system or the natural complacency that comes with knowing there will likely be a huge learning curve and short term loss of productivity until the staff becomes re-trained and familiar with the new system.  Debt collection software has typically been so difficult to convert that most businesses will avoid this like the flu, foregoing potentially huge gains in efficiency, control, compliance and greater productivity in the long run.

Largely, this complacency works in the favor of many collection software providers.  A significant portion of their revenues are generated from ongoing maintenance and support contracts, and regardless of the fact that their clients may continue to be forced to work on legacy operating systems or an outdated database architecture which create a higher demand on their IT departments to manage and integrate with other systems,  it seems less painful to make the switch to a new provider than to just keep paying the toll to keep the operations and collection staff happy and productive using a tool they are already familiar with.

If any other software application you currently use in your daily life caused you to have to do more work, hire more people, write custom software to create workarounds or consumed more of your valuable time, you would throw it out and upgrade in a minute! So why are you putting up with mediocre collection software?  One of the reasons may be that YOU are not the one that is actually forced to use it every day or keep it up and running, patched and programmed.

Welcome to a new paradigm in Collection Software

Receivables Management Expert (RMEx) from Quantrax is a different kind of collection software; built from the ground up using artificial intelligence.  RMEx runs on the most robust computing platform used by some of the largest companies and government agencies in the world.  No matter how big or small your company, Quantrax can build a system that fits your needs and your budget.

Receivables Management Expert is intelligent collection software, that is enterprise class, yet, it doesn’t take an IT department to deploy, manage or program the system.  And since the operating system is not subject to windows based viruses and malware, there is no support staff needed to constantly patch, update, and monitor your system either.

Intelligent software acts and thinks like a human collector.  It is driven by logic, knowledge and rules to ensure that compliance and collection strategies are strictly adhered to across the organization.  And with no custom programming required, you can manage complex rules across federal, state and municipal collection regulations down to the individual collector.  Quantrax does it all…and for a lot less than you might think for all this functionality.

Here are a few reasons Quantrax is different:

–       No need for IT (the majority of clients need no IT department)

–       User defined system lets you decide how to run your business

–       1/3 of current clients seldom or never need custom programming

–       Quantrax will get you converted in days not years and we will guarantee the go-live date 

–       The best and fastest customer service in the industry

–       The power and stability of the IBM iSeries server, used by airlines, telecoms, the military and Microsoft

–       A 25 year track record with some of the largest agencies in the collection industry

It’s time to start thinking “Intelligently” about your collection software.  So give us a call today and let us show you how the power of artificial intelligence can drive better compliance, improved operational efficiency and lead to a lower cost of ownership.

Quantrax intelligent collection software…software for the future!

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