The RMEx Story

Several years ago, we believed that changes in the collection industry called for a new and innovative approach to dealing with old problems. The challenge of defying conventional wisdom combined with technical vision and innovation, motivated Quantrax Corporation to design and build a new collection system incorporating the concepts of artificial intelligence and knowledge-based technology. This groundbreaking idea has resulted in a proven product, that since 1991, has been successfully installed in collection operations in over 35 states and Canada.

RMEx (formerly known as Intelec) is an integrated, full-function receivables management system – the only system that can be described as being intelligent. To be described as “intelligent”, a system must be capable of making decisions in the same way a human would, taking both rules and exceptions into consideration. The level of intelligence of the machine would be measured based on how difficult it was to differentiate between decisions made by the machine and the human. RMEx is a system that can be trained to think, understand, evaluate complex situations and make decisions in the same manner that a human expert would. The result is a system that offers operational flexibility, automation, management control and levels of productivity that cannot be approached using conventional data-based systems. All of this is accomplished without the need for users to have any programmers or similarly-qualified technical personnel within their operations.

Quantrax Corporation Inc. is an IBM Software Solutions Developer, and RMEx runs exclusively on the popular IBM iSeries (AS/400) hardware platform.

The information contained in this website will help you to understand why RMEx is so different from the other collection systems available today. If you feel that allowing a computer to make certain decisions will be too radical a change to be implemented today, you can continue to let those decisions be made by individuals, as they currently do. Where you feel comfortable, the decision-making capabilities of RMEx will assist you in managing a business that has become increasingly more difficult to control. A tool such as RMEx has now become a basic requirement in a business where management is unable to make its collectors work every account in a manner that is appropriate and consistent, taking the numerous rules and exceptions into consideration.

What makes us different?

Artificial Intelligence

Our official intelligence allows us to create controls with in the collection system that are able to not only control cost but reduce them.

Guaranteed Compliance

Because we use artificial intelligence to maintain control of both technical and human actions we can guarantee compliance.