Our responsibility is to provide technology that is safe and secure. We believe that security and compliance requirements will change with time. We will respond accordingly to the different types of security requirements. In addition to the requirements within your software (e.g. encryption of sensitive data), each agency has to meet certain requirements based on their volumes. This will be the responsibility of each company. While we will work with any merchant service provider selected by our clients, we have created and tested interfaces with the provider BillingTree. These include batch processes, real-time credit card authorization and interfaces for electronic checks. We have had our clients ask about what they should look for in a company that provides merchant services. While the choice of vendor is yours, following is the type of information provided by Billing Tree with regard to their qualifications to provide services to our clients. ‘BillingTree is a Best Practices member of NACHA which ensures security compliance while operating in the ACH Network. Regarding Credit Card Security, BillingTree is finalizing a Level 1 PCI DSS certification, which will occur annually, and is also pursuing ISO 27001 certification. BillingTree understands the need for diligence and best practices concerning information data security. We endeavor to comply with industry best practices ensuring the security of our data systems as well as the continuance of our business in the event of a disaster. We are pursuing these certifications through third-party audits in order to provide these assurances to our partners and clients. When necessary, we verify our partners continued adherence to the appropriate data security standards (PCI, NACHA compliance) and their third party certification(s).”