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For Immediate Release

April 24, 2013  |  Bethesda, MD

Quantrax Corporation has announced the early release of its latest version of Receivables Management Expert. With RMEx, users now have complete control over managing cell phones, from identifying them in real-time, to calling them based on management objectives (There are separate options for predictive and preview dialing as well as handling numbers with permission to call). Manually dialed calls can be recorded and counted, so state and city regulations for attempts and messaging can be satisfied. Area codes in multiple time zones, states with different times zones and other complex phone number and state combinations are considered when allowed calling times are computed. The user can choose between practical calculations or the most restrictive calling rules. Whether it be licensing, mailing or limiting contact frequency, Quantrax users have complete control at the client, state or city level. The recent “calling home before work” rule is also available with this update. We believe that Quantrax is the first company to incorporate this complex compliance requirement into its software, This version also comes with features for managing disaster areas, whether they affect a major part of the state or are isolated to smaller areas.

With clients who represent many top-tier financial institutions, VP of Technology Steve Townend says, “We have invested in systemic solutions for every known compliance requirement at the client, state and city level. In spite of the certainty of people making mistakes, the industry has not utilized the great power of technology to comprehensively manage compliance. There is much talk about the CFPB and compliance, but it is now time for software companies to deliver solutions.” Quantrax is leading today’s technology drive for compliance management, and RMEx Version 3.2 will deliver powerful features that include advanced time zone controls, cell phone options and meeting state and city requirements. Quantrax is describing RMEx as the “Prescription for compliance”.

About Quantrax Collection Software

Quantrax Corporation has been designing intelligent software for collections since 1991. Based in Bethesda, Maryland, Quantrax supports clients in the U.S and Canada. Its clients work across many industries, including healthcare, student loans and credit cards with configurations up to 1000+ users. For more information or to obtain a copy of their paper “Compliance in debt collection – How your collection software must help”, contact Quantrax at info@quantrax.com or (301) 657-2084 or via www.quantrax.com.