The IBM iSeries is best described as a “midrange system”. While it is an attractive option for a smaller company, it can also replace a mainframe at the higher end of a product line that offers amazing scalability. While many confidently forecast the “death of the mainframe” in the early 1990′s, PC’s have not taken over the world as was predicted at the time. Mainframes as they existed in 1990 are almost extinct, but many corporate users have accepted the advantages and value of centrally controlled, very predictable and reliable computing systems. That is exactly how the IBM iSeries would be described. Recent excesses and irresponsible spending on technology have resulted in many companies being burdened with several unconnected and poorly-performing applications and computer systems. Today, IBM is well positioned to provide the broad range of services that are being demanded from a single provider in a very technical workplace. The collection environment is no exception, calling for high interactive use, extremely reliable hardware, very stable system software and large volumes of data. Our choice of the iSeries as the hardware platform for RMEx was directly related to the unresolved weaknesses of PC-based systems, IBM’s successful long-term midrange strategy, their growing list of satisfied customers and their dominant position as the greatest technology company in the world.