A typical conversion usually consists of a “data conversion”, management and operator training, and setup of the new system (knowledge base, letters, rules, collector options etc.) The data conversion refers to programs that map the data from your existing system to RMEx’s format – It will be simple or complex, depending on your ability to provide file layouts, test data etc. as well as the complexity of your present system. Since you may want to use the conversion to “clean up” some of the data you have, you may need to understand the options available within RMEx prior to providing us with specifications. E.g. Some clients may wish to separate “newer” accounts from the “older” accounts at the time of conversion, so they can be separately grouped and worked. In a well-planned conversion, a thoroughly tested conversion could be developed in about 30 – 45 days.

With regard to the time taken to set up the system, this can vary significantly depending on the client. Quantrax will usually provide 3 – 4 days of high-level management training shortly after the hardware has been installed and key management personnel have had an opportunity to review some of the on-line training modules. Some companies like to start with a well-planned, feature-rich knowledge base with many automated processes. We always suggest starting with a relatively simple system that can be built upon as users become more familiar with the knowledge-based concept. Provided management devotes the necessary time to the conversion effort (about an hour a day at the early stages and 3 – 4 hours towards the latter stages), a functional system can be set up on about 6 weeks. At this time, you would be “ready to convert”. During the time prior to conversion, the on-line training modules would be used to make collectors and accounting personnel more familiar with the system. Quantrax would also be available to respond to questions with regard to operational or system issues. At the time of conversion, Quantrax would usually be on site for 4 – 5 days to provide training and support in the different areas of the system