iPad-PrescriptionWhile most collection software vendors struggle to keep up with hardware and operating systems changes, RMEx has thrived on a single platform that is arguably the best business computing system in the world. IBM’s investment in the IBM i platform demonstrates its strategic goal of supporting multiple programming models on IBM i, so that users can apply new approaches and integrate them with existing investments.

Simply stated, Quantrax offers the industry the only AI-based (artificial intelligence-based) collection platform. It is tried, tested and proven. Quantrax is now focused on delivering modern computing and technology innovation, as the industry anticipates new regulations and companies search for new ways to improve customer service, meet the expected compliance requirements and increase efficiency and profitability.

Mark Namba, Quantrax’s Director of Business Development / Operations is excited about Quantrax’s market positioning and the future of the collection industry. “The reaction to our Mobile Suite has been amazing. This industry is ready to embrace communication with its clients and consumers using mobile technologies. Wouldn’t every manager like to have access to their KPI’s on their mobile phone? And wouldn’t every consumer want to know when their payment was processed? Technology spending is increasing because IT departments are growing to meet changing requirements that can not easily be built over older systems. With RMEx, you have a platform that does not need an IT department for you to take advantage of modern technology.”

IBM’s hardware platform is a key factor in Quantrax’s success. IBM i product offering manager Alison Butterill recently said “Our customers are looking at mobile. They have to. Their customers are asking for mobile. So our mobile strategy has evolved.” IBM went on to say that “Being the best solutions platform 15 years ago is different than being that today. We continue to invest in the technology and people to make mobile apps possible and cloud apps possible. There’s momentum within the IT industry to take existing assets and create mobile and cloud versions of them.”

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Ranjan Dharmaraja / CEO
Quantrax Corporation Inc.