Many companies are one-trick ponies. One trick pony is described as “one that is skilled in only one area or one that has success only once.” Companies like Nike, Coca Cola or McDonalds could be described as one trick ponies but most of us would trade places with them in a flash. On the contrary, it is much harder for technology companies to survive for decades based on a single product. Consider Microsoft and Apple – Microsoft started with an operating system for PC’s and followed up with an interface that changed the way we used those computers. What about Apple? They started with hardware and software, almost failed and came back with its second trick – small devices that would revolutionize the music and entertainment world forever!

Most collection technology companies created software to replace the card system with a computerized collection system. Over three decades, that concept has been enhanced and improved. How we call people, how we manage collectors, how we find people, now we stay within the laws – we’ve added code to help us better handle these areas. But it can be argued that most collection software companies have not evolved beyond being one trick ponies!

What about Quantrax? Our first trick was to create “truly intelligent” software. This technology could be trained to think and make decisions like a human collection expert. This was a technological leap from computerized collection systems. The problem with traditional software, is the difficulty in coming up with great new ideas for change. When humans make most of your decisions, how do you make major changes to those humans? But you can improve and control human behavior using technology! This has been proven time and again.

Quantrax’s second trick was its integrated dialer platform. Our competitors will insist that they have integrated dialers but we do not agree. Integration’s true objective is to have the collection technology work as one with the dialer. To allow users to set up work plans and walk away, so no manager has to every set up a calling list manually! How many collection companies can says that they do that?

Quantrax did not rest on these accomplishments. For its third trick, it addressed a problem the industry had never considered solving. It attacked compliance, call frequency and obtaining a right party contact as a single, technology goal, as opposed to separate areas of the industry! The result is integrated technology that cannot be matched with conventional design. We will manage state and city laws related to contact frequency and messages to get you to a RPC faster than any other solutions. We have the potential to increase revenues more than any invention has allowed in recent times.

Can you expect more? Yes, the industry has never automated production. Imagine setting collection goals for your few largest clients and walking away? Would you use a system that adjusted dialer campaigns, letters, queues and follow-up without a manager having to your run production manually? Imagine playing golf for a few weeks and coming back to numbers that had been exceeded, and only having to set the targets for the next month? Wouldn’t that be one heck of a trick?