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Quantrax will once again be represented at this year’s annual ACA convention. We look forward to meeting new people and catching up with our clients who will be there. Please contact the office if you would like to set up an appointment to discuss Quantrax or our products. We do not have a booth, but will be glad to set up some time to talk with you.


Collection Bureau of the Hudson Valley, Inc. Ramp Up the Collection Rate

Collection Bureau of the Hudson Valley, Inc (CBHV) is a 3rd party collection and debt recovery agency based in Newburgh, New York, which runs campaigns for clients all across the

United States. CBHV has been a Quantrax customer and used their collections management system almost since it was developed in 1990. Running smaller campaigns and dialing in preview mode (a single account being retrieved when the agent is ready and screen-popped for his/ her approval), each agent had his own set of accounts to be followed up, and the system went through them one by one.

During the early 2000s, Sytel and Quantrax worked together to integrate the Sytel predictive dialer with the Quantrax collections software. This involved not only a tight software integration but also negotiation between quite separate systems; Quantrax on the IBM AS/400 (now known as the i5), Sytel on a standard Windows server. In the resulting integrated […]


Thoughts from a second-generation collection agency owner 

This is not a time for us to be trapped by compliance requirements at the expense of numerous competitive, legal and operational challenges we also face. Compliance is likely to be a moving target that makes us more reactive with every court decision. As those decisions are made, is it realistic to change with the winds to mitigate risk?

As we realize that many millennials are afraid to make traditional phone calls, there is a need to quickly create a new medium to interact with the consumers of tomorrow. Our focus should be on how we can move forward, reduce costs and increase productivity for tomorrow; embracing online, intelligent negotiation tools to allow today’s younger generation to interact with collection agencies in ways that they are comfortable, not intimidated by. When they become our singular source of revenue, we will hopefully all be experts in a medium that our competitors […]



After many years of indecision and concern about their future, Quantrax believes that companies are feeling that it is now time to act and look at their options. We have seen new thinking, plans and technology investment, which we welcome! Quantrax has invested significantly, in product, over the last few years, and we are well positioned to strengthen and maintain our presence in the high-end space. Thanks to our new hosting and SaaS (Software as a service) model, we are also reaching markets that we would not have been able to access in the past.
One new client is Advantage Recovery Group, and its owner Raoul Vasquez recently commented as follows.
“Since our company was developed we have out grown many companies offering debt collection software. In the past we have paid less and have received much less. With Quantrax and their knowledgeable support staff, we have finally found the company […]

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In their efforts to be more productive, almost every collection software vendor has acknowledged the value of systems that transfer decision-making to machines. Their response has been to add features that have been described as business rules, strategies, tactics and workflow engines. These features offer greater productivity and advertise demonstrated results. We actually believe what they say!
Unfortunately, only one company had the vision to take this technology to its limits. We did not take small steps. We at Quantrax are proud to say we designed the first and only intelligent collection platform that can perform at the level of a human expert. It thinks, waits, mails, moves and closes accounts,   without any collector interaction.  It’s called RMEx and it’s proven technology with a track record of doing more with less people.


Collection Software That Incorporates Responsive Design Mobile Apps to Collect Payments from Consumers

Every technology company talks about being the best. They use terms like state-of the-art, but do they really incorporate modern technology such as responsive design mobile applications into their collection software?
Mobile computing has not only arrived, but in just a few short years has now matured to the point that tablet and smartphone sales are beginning to outpace PC’s and laptops. Yet, many software vendors have not kept up with the pace of these advances and still deliver software with consumer-facing tools that are cumbersome and inefficient when viewed from mobile devices and tablets. Consumers not only expect responsive mobile design from application they are required to interact with, they demand it! And if they are forced to endure a less than efficient responsive design, they abandon the site quickly.

In Responsive Mobile Application Design, the web pages the consumer interacts with are dynamic, and therefore are resized to display in the most optimal way based on the size of the […]



San Antonio was the location for Quantrax’s 2014 user conference. Unseasonably cold weather did not distract the attendees from enjoying yet another successful RMEx User Conference. The meeting was well-attended with loyal fans who had been with Quantrax for over 20 years, as well as several new users who had just installed the system or were being converted in the next two months.
One of the most interesting sessions was titled “What we have been secretly building”. Users watched and listened with great interest as Quantrax presented their strategy for mobile computing and greater consumer interaction with their information. Changing consumer contact options are changing traditional collection strategies. Users completely supported Quantrax’s new strategies and went away motivated and confident.
There was time for clients to spend time with each other and some of Quantrax’s staff, as Quantrax hosted a reception with one of the best local bands in attendance. The […]