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Over 100 pages and 2 press releases have given us insight into the CFPB’s much anticipated plans for regulatory changes within the collection industry. While there are several areas that may be impacted, our responsibility is to make sure that our technology will support and quickly address any proposed changes.

One recommendation in particular is clearly within the scope of a technology solution.
Limit excessive or disruptive communications: Collectors would be limited to six communication attempts per week through any point of contact before they have reached the consumer. In addition, if a consumer wants to stop specific ways collectors are contacting them, for example on a particular phone line, while they are at work, or during certain hours, it would be easier for a consumer to do that. The CFPB is also considering proposing a 30-day waiting period after a consumer has passed away during which collectors would be prohibited […]



The timing of the announcement could not have been more interesting! If you wanted publicity, a few days before the Annual ACA Conference had to be the best time. We did not keep count, but it was many times that we were asked “What do you think they are going to do?” I am sure that Columbia Ultimate’s clients will see this in one way, while Ontario Systems will present this positively from a marketing angle. But spin aside, what does this really do for the industry and Columbia Ultimate’s clients? I decided to write this article, not to advertise or promote Quantrax, but because I feel that I am uniquely qualified to discuss the topic. I was also tired of answering the same question over and over again, and this would handle that problem too!

I started in the collection industry at a company called Dexel Systems in the […]



Quantrax was at the recently concluded Annual ACA Convention in Denver. Represented by Mark Namba and Ranjan Dharmaraja, they met with their clients, and had a chance to introduce their technology to several attendees. There was a great deal of interest in the new Mobile Suite. The acquisition of Columbia Ultimate by Ontario Systems was by far the most discussed topic.

It was clear that there was less concern and apprehension within the industry, compared to prior years. Companies seem to have accepted that the present regulations are here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. The reluctance to invest in technology, seems to have changed. This is very positive for technology vendors who have waited patiently for the investment climate to change. The real cost of aging collection software seemed to be better understood by many of the attendees who were either owners or decision-makers. The interest in […]


Why the traditional collection agency will struggle in the next 3 years

Look around you and remember. Look at yourself. If you are over 50, you probably remember communicating with friends overseas, using air mail. Today the post office has seen e-mail wipe out the overseas mail business. Travel agencies were replaced by web-based ticketing options. You can listen to and buy the latest music without ever leaving your home. The New York City taxicab medallion has lost half its million dollar value to the competition offered by Uber and related businesses. Add cell phones that have replaced digital cameras, music players, video recorders and GPS’s and you have a long list of products and jobs that have been ruthlessly displaced by software that is exponentially increasing productivity.

The collection industry has been a labor-intense business for the last 30 years. You have to locate people and talk to them on the phone. While we say we are automated and used modern […]



We have been asked some questions about the identification of VOIP numbers. Some of our clients are concerned about VOIP numbers being treated like cell phones because consumers may incur charges for calls to this numbers. We have worked with several knowledgeable individuals to stay on top of cell phone number assignment and some of the related industry issues. One of the people I have a great deal of respect for is John Schaeffer, the CIO of Interactive Data, the company that has provided many of our clients with their cell phone data. When I asked for his opinion on VOIP phones numbers, this is what John told me.

“We have received numerous requests over the years to provide VOIP identification much like the current cell suppression offered through the Quantrax platform. From a telephony perspective, a VOIP line is considered a landline. I’ve been trying to deliver a VOIP […]


You can’t build the collection agency of tomorrow on the system of yesterday

Why did most of the major software providers begin to develop new software products about 5 years ago? Why are the same companies being sold or merged at an alarming pace? The answer is that they are all sitting on an infrastructure that is outdated and it is easier to start over rather than build on the strong foundation they created or excuse me, they did not create.
These systems were built to present screens with specific data to workers in the collection industry, so calls, letters and paperwork could be completed. I was a debt collector when the industry switched from ledger cards to computers and it was built to bring the data from the ledger card to the screen and nothing else. Well, most of the systems since then have accomplished the same thing – Get the account details on the screen and let the agent make the […]



Quantrax Corp. would like to introduce Mark Namba as Director of Business Development and Strategic Analytics. As the collection industry looks for the right technology to carry it into the next era, “Quantrax is well positioned to be the software of choice for the future, and the addition of Mark Namba is just another piece of the puzzle” stated Quantrax owner Ranjan Dharmaraja.

Mark’s background has clearly demonstrated his ability to create market penetration, segmentation strategies, forecasting and close ratio improvement strategies. Mark will be in charge of all current marketing activities as well as creating new sales and distribution strategies and channels. “I have been watching the industry turmoil and seeing Quantrax’s proactive responses to today’s and tomorrow’s challenges made me want to be part of the future of debt collection.” Mark Namba stated with excitement.

For the last 10 years Mark was Regional Sales Manager for Enghouse Interactive (IAT […]