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Why the traditional collection agency will struggle in the next 3 years

Look around you and remember. Look at yourself. If you are over 50, you probably remember communicating with friends overseas, using air mail. Today the post office has seen e-mail wipe out the overseas mail business. Travel agencies were replaced by web-based ticketing options. You can listen to and buy the latest music without ever leaving your home. The New York City taxicab medallion has lost half its million dollar value to the competition offered by Uber and related businesses. Add cell phones that have replaced digital cameras, music players, video recorders and GPS’s and you have a long list of products and jobs that have been ruthlessly displaced by software that is exponentially increasing productivity.

The collection industry has been a labor-intense business for the last 30 years. You have to locate people and talk to them on the phone. While we say we are automated and used modern […]



We have been asked some questions about the identification of VOIP numbers. Some of our clients are concerned about VOIP numbers being treated like cell phones because consumers may incur charges for calls to this numbers. We have worked with several knowledgeable individuals to stay on top of cell phone number assignment and some of the related industry issues. One of the people I have a great deal of respect for is John Schaeffer, the CIO of Interactive Data, the company that has provided many of our clients with their cell phone data. When I asked for his opinion on VOIP phones numbers, this is what John told me.

“We have received numerous requests over the years to provide VOIP identification much like the current cell suppression offered through the Quantrax platform. From a telephony perspective, a VOIP line is considered a landline. I’ve been trying to deliver a VOIP […]


You can’t build the collection agency of tomorrow on the system of yesterday

Why did most of the major software providers begin to develop new software products about 5 years ago? Why are the same companies being sold or merged at an alarming pace? The answer is that they are all sitting on an infrastructure that is outdated and it is easier to start over rather than build on the strong foundation they created or excuse me, they did not create.
These systems were built to present screens with specific data to workers in the collection industry, so calls, letters and paperwork could be completed. I was a debt collector when the industry switched from ledger cards to computers and it was built to bring the data from the ledger card to the screen and nothing else. Well, most of the systems since then have accomplished the same thing – Get the account details on the screen and let the agent make the […]


What kind of leader are you most like Captain Kirk, Richie Cunningham or Archie Bunker?

Archie Bunker from the 70’s sitcom “All in the Family” was known for not accepting change easily. He preferred to stay in his own world, even though the world was passing him by.

“If everything is good in the henhouse you don’t have to go out for eggs”.

He was fine watching the changes around him while trying as hard as possible to ignore them.

“He’s got some grand strategy that he can’t revulge.”

If you are like Archie as a CEO, then you are going to have some issues in the future as the industry continues to become more complex. As you add regulations and client restrictions to today’s intricate collection process you will need better tools, better people and better processes. If you are like Archie Bunker and not so willing to embrace technology and new ways of doing business, it is very likely that you will be left behind.

Maybe you are a […]


I remember when collections was simple. By Phillip W. Duff

Collections processes used to be simple but actual debt collections was not easy here is a great example of a payment process in the 80’s; The debtor, yes they were called debtors back then, agreed to send you 12 postdated checks for $56.11 each to pay his Shell Oil bill. You talked to him at his work so he had to go home to get the checkbook and write out 12 checks dated one month apart. Then since you created such a sense of urgency in getting the payment ASAP he goes to the Greyhound bus station with the checks. Remember this is before FED Ex, UPS, Express mail…

The debtor sends the 12 checks on Greyhound Package Express and it arrives 2 days later at our local Greyhound station for pick up after transferring from bus to bus. The collection manager drives to the bus station daily to pick up our […]



Collection software is application software, which in turn is referenced as follows in Wikipedia. “Application software (an application) is a set of computer programs designed to permit the user to perform a group of coordinated functions, tasks, or activities. Today’s collection software industry has developed over a period of about 30 years, with the first systems setting out to automate manual card systems. These systems also required solid front and back end processing for important areas like new business posting and client remittance statements.
As developers became more comfortable and users looked for more features, we saw the incorporation of dialers, third part interfaces and business rules into collection systems. In addition, most of these systems either ran on proprietary hardware and software, or on standard PC-based systems. Regardless, changes in computer technology forced vendors to make changes to keep up with those advances. Unfortunately, many vendors did not change their core technology design and advertised their ³hardware platform updates² as enhancements.
This did […]



Quantrax has announced that its 2015 user conference will be held in Deerfield Beach, Florida from October 19th to 22nd. Quantrax once again looks forward to a very productive meeting, that should see some of its newer clients attend for the first time. There is significant investment in the base system, and Quantrax anticipates excellent turnout and interest in this year’s conference. Quantrax will formally announce RMEx Version 4.2 at this meeting, with significant enhancements in their collector interface and mobile computing features.